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BAHAAR trading group of corporations.. was first established as Manufacturer of Surgical, Dental,Beauty,Hallow Ware,Veteinary & Titanium Instruments in 1998 to develop what quickly became Pakistan fast-growing Die Making & Maker of instruments industries. Today, with advancement in corporate Medical Instruments (Laryngoscopes, Otoscope & Diagnostic Instruments). Among these changes, BTC surgico continues to make QUALITY the number one priority and provide high-quality service through our contact center solutions. we are actively developing new facets of our business.
BTC surgico is a combination of the words Solution & Contact. BTC surgico provides Good Quality for Customer in world. Our Company certified to ISO 9002, cGMP & CE Mark.
BTC surgico will further advance as a leading company in the 21st Century with all employees taking on the challenges of the new age while focusing on personal improvement, and continuing to use this as the basis for creating exciting partnerships with client companies.

We look forward to the challenges ahead.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering high quality, time- saving, easy-to-use Medical Instruments products sold at a fair price.

As we take each measured step toward achieving our goal, we are committed to bringing innovation, quality and service to our customers, maximizing value to our shareholders and protecting the interests of our employees.
Business Scope

BTC SURGICO is involved in business arenas:
Surgical,Dental,Hallow Ware,Beauty care, Veteinary& Titanium Instruments
Beauty Instruments
Quality Control

We are all manufacturing on Technical Engineering Drawings for Customer requirements, and time-to-time services as per customer requirements. Our all the process under the International Standards.

Mr. Muhammed Nadeem.
President & CEO
BTC surgico.